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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

what goes around comes around...

lots of stuff to do..need to prioritize and start doing them..
got a lot of thoughts but cannot write them...circling around..
what need to be done? someone should come and begin.. that someone should be me.. if i command myself, does my subconscious mind blows it off..or will i get into trouble with myself..
miss lots of things..and i'm just one step away from step forward or's all my choice accept the defeat or turn as a winner..
i can do..or just do it..impossible is nothing.. those words sell themselves well..
promises should be fulfilled..
and i got some promises, some very important ones..the ones i gave to myself and to my beloved ones..
well gotta work hard..i'm working hard indeed...but need to do the high priority things first..
see you around..


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